Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tea For Two

We ran across a fabulous deal at KB Toys Sunday afternoon. They were selling their display Dora table and chairs for $9.99 because kids had colored with crayons on the table. A little crayon never hurt anything so we said we'd take it! We got it home and of course had to break it in right away with Towns having a tea party with her "baby sister" (what she calls her baby). The funny part is that she doesn't understand why I can't sit in the chair opposite her. HELLO! I couldn't put my big toe in it!!! But I'm flattered that she thinks that I can...

The Doctor Is In

When things got quiet Friday afternoon I knew Bethany and Towns had to be up to something. They weren't getting into any trouble thank goodness (it's Towns I have to worry about, not Bethany), but they were making good use out of Towns' doctors kit. Bethany, do we need to add that to your Christmas list??!! Santa will be more than happy to bring you one! HA! :)

Make Up Artist

What? Mascara can't double for lip gloss?

Well, maybe if I hide under the desk no one will notice my lips are black....

I've decided to do things a little differently...instead of not posting recent pictures until I've caught myself up from way back when, I've opted for keeping things up to date and adding older pictures when I have time. Here's Towns getting into Bethany's make up. Too bad she didn't quite have the right use for the mascara...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's Raining Gifts

Sandy, me & my Mom

Jess Putnam, my Mom, 2 Ton Sally (me), Vicki Popwell, Katherine Williams (holding the pooch),
Laura Popwell Wells, Ginny Williams Grimes, Nancy Williams, Jennifer Simpson McClure

March 5, 2005...My friends from home, their moms, and my college roommates all threw me a baby shower at Laura Popwell Well's house (my best friend from high school) in Andalusia. I still have the monogrammed cookies in the freezer from it which is a bit psycho, but I knew I'd wish I had them if I hadn't brought any home! Sister Shubert's daughter has a bakery in Andy and she makes to die for sugar cookies. So they got her to make them in different shapes with Towns' monogram on them in pink icing. SO CUTE! I swear they'll still be in the freezer 20 years from now because I'm beyond sentimental and can't part with anything!


February 25, 2005....Jonathan had an Enterprise trip to Destin for a three day meeting so he dropped me off in Andalusia on the way down. This was the last time at "home" for me before Towns was born. My mom sent me back to Decatur with 3 huge boxes of Anna Grace's old clothes for Towns....can you say JACKPOT!! Anna Grace was always the best dressed chick in Covington County! Now Towns is following right behind her...

Betty Crocker

January 22, 2005...Since Decatur is so ridiculously cold in the winter we have to get creative when finding things to do indoors for entertainment. I have a Christmas Cookies book that J's mom gave me, and Bethany decided to pick out a recipe to tackle. She chose some kind of made from scratch peanut butter cookies and wanted to do it all on her own. She did a fabulous job and here are some pictures to prove it. The only thing we had to work on was her licking her fingers while rolling out the cookie dough...not something a 9 year old would think about so it was totally understandable! They were good... Bethany's germs and all! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Libby Who?

Move over Libby Lu...there's a new girl in town! I just found these fun pictures of Bethany when we took her to Libby Lu for the first time (well, our first time, not hers). This was in September of 2004. It's hard to believe she ever looked that young! She got made up like a rockstar in true form and then we went to the Limited Too to put on a fashion show. I've always had a hard time saying no to her so when she asked ME to put my big self in those children's clothes I couldn't disappoint! Go ahead, you have my permission to laugh hysterically.....

Partner in Crime

This is the famous Anna Grace....sassy and sweet rolled into one. She was born when I was at home for Christmas Break my freshman year at Auburn. I was so distraught because I had to go back to school right after the first of the year and I had hoped she'd come in time for me to spend my whole break with her. But no! Should have known she was a hard-headed one from the very start...she waited until December 30th to make an appearance and I had to leave for school a few days later, which was pure torture. I cried the ENTIRE way back to Auburn because I didn't want to leave her. She'd come visit all the time during the time I was at Auburn but what was really fun was when I lived in Montgomery and she was just over an hour away. She'd spend the night with me and I'd spoil her rotten (of course, this was when I was single and working full time...HA!). She'd go home with a new wardrobe every time she came! We've always had a blast together and I'm SO very sad that I live 4 hours away from her. She's in school now (about to be a big time 3rd grader) and has a social calendar like no other, so I jump at the chance to see her when I can.


My brother Max was born July 7, 2004 and I've just run across some precious pictures of him and Anna Grace (my sister) that I have to post. He was the tiniest thing I'd ever seen. He had a head full of brown hair which eventually all fell out and came back as blonde as can be. He and Anna Grace both have the most beautiful blue eyes. I tell them that it's their trademark. I kind of feel as I'm their 3rd parent since I'm 18 years older than AG and 24 years older than Max. I always wanted a brother or a sister when I was younger....never dreamed I'd have to wait so long to get one (or two)!

Dark Ages

It's rather comical, but I'm trying to document things in order and have to go back to my picture CDs from when I had a good ol' still camera! I can't put my hands on very many of the picture CDs though. So from the time we got married up until Christmas of '04 (when I got my digital camera) I have very few pictures. Jonathan and I took Bethany to NYC in June of '04 for the Belmont Stakes and I have great pictures from that....but of course have no clue where they are! The other big events of the summer is my brother Max making his grand entrance into the world and us finding out Towns was on the way. Other than that, I'll start at Christmas of '04 and go from there. I'm currently wondering why on Earth I thought that this would be easier than conventional scrapbooking...it's just as time consuming! But definitely worth every minute of it (because one day I'll be able to get a good laugh out of all this and say WHAT WAS I THINKING WEARING THAT?!) .

Wedding Bells

One of the only times I've seen J cry!

The new Mr. & Mrs.

Bethany, Me & Anna Grace

Jonathan and I were married on April 3, 2004 at the Pensacola Pavilion in Seaside, FL which is THE most beautiful place ever. It was a small, intimate family wedding and was perfect for us at the time. The ceremony was on the beach and it was an absolutely gorgeous backdrop, despite the wind gusts of 40 MPH! We had a seated dinner at Creola's afterwards which was very nice...however, I must admit by that point I was ready to drop and don't really remember much from it! Jonathan and I stayed at Sandestin that night and then came back to Decatur where we've been ever since! :)

Playing Catch Up

Ok, so I've never been a self-professed scrapbooker. However, I've attempted it many, many times with no success whatsoever. So I got to thinking that since I have nothing to go back and look at when I want to see all the things we've done, I thought it would be fun to do that here. It requires no creativity, no cutting, no stickers and borders, etc. so I think I can handle it! I have over 15,000 (no, it's not an exaggeration) pictures on my computer that I've taken over the past two and a half years. But the sad thing is that I never print them out for others to see or to enjoy myself for that matter. SO...bear with me as I go back over the past few years and do a mini-virtual scrapbook. It's mainly for my lack of long term memory because I can't even remember what I did last week. And when I'm a few years older than I am now and look back at all the pictures we've taken it will be laughable to think that I can remember exactly where and when and what we were doing! And the good thing is that unlike a scrapbook, this can't get ruined or stepped on or soaked by sippee cups or written in with Sharpie markers (Towns' new favorite pasttime) which means I'll have this for years to come! So here's how it all started...from the very beginning...