Sunday, October 28, 2007

She's A Hoot

Being that it is a known fact by all women who have children (perhaps one that needs to be officially documented so that I don't feel like I'm the only one losing my mind) that your brain shrinks in memory capacity with each passing pregnancy, I decided to blog some of the funny things Towns has said to me in the last few weeks so that I'll never forget them....ok, I will almost assuredly forget them, but like I've said many times, I'm into this whole blogging thing so that I'll always be able to refresh my memory on things I promised myself I'd never forget....

Me: So Towns, are you still thinking you want Santa to bring you that pink (battery operated) car for Christmas?
Towns: No, actually I want a stage and a microphone like Johnny Cash.
Me: Hey Towns, which shoes do you think I should wear with this outfit?
Towns: The high heels, DEFINITELY the high heels. (The options were flip flops or flip flops...she bypassed me and my flip flops to go to my closet and pick out a pair of gold stilettos...I knew I was raising her right)
J & I took Towns fishing two weekends ago to broaden her horizons so to speak...she's never been fishing before and it's something that J & I loved when we were kids. J was getting the fishing poles ready while Towns and I stood patiently watching.
Towns: (looking at me with her head tilted and her eyebrows wrinkled) You wanna go to the mall or somethin'?
Obviously she's not at all interested in fishing, rather the thrill of spending a Saturday morning doing some retail therapy. They learn early, don't they?

Along those same lines....
Towns: Hey Mommy, let's gold to "Old Maybe" (aka Old Navy).

J & I have tried to include Towns in what's going on with Cate so she doesn't feel left out. For instance, when I'm getting Cate dressed in a hand-me-down I'll tell Towns that the outfit was hers when she was a little baby and tell her how cute she looked in it. Or, if Cate is crying I'll ask Towns what she thinks we need to do to Cate to make her happy again. And nine times out of ten Towns thinks she's what will make the baby happy. The other day the three of us were sitting on the bed and Towns began to play with Cate's toes. And she then says "Cate Bug, I love your sweet little toes. Did you know those were mine when I was a baby?" and I couldn't correct her because it was too cute and she's got the concept right! And yesterday Towns was in the "ladies room" as she calls it and Cate started crying. I could hear her from the bathroom yelling to me....
Towns: OH, OH, OH! I'm coming Bug, I'm coming. You need your sister, don't you, pumpkin? Mommy, tell her to quit whining, I'll be there in a second!

It's become part of our daily routine to get a popsicle and sit on the porch and wait for J to get home from work every afternoon. The other day I opened Towns' popsicle and handed it to her and she was pretty excited about what she saw...
Towns: LOOK! My popsicle has "sparkwies" all over it!! (aka the ice that's often on popsicles when they've been in the freezer too long)

This was a month or so ago when it was still so hot out....
Towns: Let's go outside and take my baby for a stroll.
Me: Let's wait a little while until it cools off and then we'll go outside.
Towns: Well, when Daddy comes home he can go outside and blow the sky and THEN it will be cool enough for us to take a stroll.
When her food is hot we "blow it" to cool it her it's like magic, and I guess that's the reasoning she came up with as to how to get it cool enough outside for us to be able to go out. Pretty smart!

One more and then I'll quit. This is proof that children learn how to work us over early on. Towns has always been one to take little bites of food because when she takes big bites she ends up wanting to spit her food out in a napkin because it's too much for her mouth (lovely, I know, but we try to do it as mannerly as possible). So the other day she was eating lunch and noticed some candy on the kitchen counter. Of course she asked for it and I told her to take one more bite of her lunch and she could have the candy. Who knew she'd be such a con artist at a young age. She intentionally took a huge bite of her mac 'n cheese so that she'd then be able to spit it out since it was too big for her mouth. To her that qualified as the one bite she had to take before the candy was hers. She thought she was being sneaky, but I had her figured out....

Ok, that's all I have for right now. There's not a day that passes that she doesn't crack me up with something she comes up with. There's no doubt that the mind of a toddler is a force to be reckoned with. Their sincere honesty and reasoning ability is something that I love about this age. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I want to put her on pause and make her stay this age forever!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Catherine Harper McClendon

This is kind of like a virtual birth announcement since I can't get it together enough to send out the real thing....
Catherine Harper McClendon
September 24, 2007
2:56 p.m.
5 pounds, 7 ounces
19 inches
She's THE most precious thing ever and I'm already more in love with her than I ever thought possible!! It's crazy how you think you can't love anyone the way you love your first child, but your heart just gets a little bigger and makes room for one more!